Not many people know Jumpjet invented the “Affordable Fly Private Market”. The company was created to enable airline passengers who can book their travel plans in advance, the ability to afford to fly by private jet, saving time and money, while eliminating stress. Jumpjet sources flights exclusively for it members, from fully licensed operators certified by the FAA (part 135).  Don’t think you can plan in advance? Think again about when you can book holidays, back to school, board meetings, conferences and the all-important wedding anniversary or wedding!

Over 15,000 people have registered with Jumpjet and told us for the opportunity to fly regularly by private jet they are happy to book in advance.

Over 6 million US air passengers fly first class every year, enduring the stress, queues and delays. That’s 18 million hours wasted in airports for each way they fly. Jumpjet offers an affordable solution.  How affordable depends on the needs of the members.  The further in advance the booking the lower the cost of flying by Jumpjet.  How does $450 round trip sound ?  Well time to look at the calendar and do some planning with our $21 Club.

There is a membership to suit all, depending how frequently a member needs to travel, how far in advance they can book their flights and benefits /service they require.

Thanks for your support. We now have 15,000 customers ready to fly.


Jumpjet’s Memberships guaranteed fares for every flight regardless of the distance flown.  There’s a Club option to suit all :  Elite Club for those very frequent flyers who need to book 21 days in advance of take off; Premier Club is suited to the frequent flyers who can book 45 days in advance.  And the $21 Club members enjoy substantially reduced fares for being able to book 90 days or more in advance.

Members request a trip via our app or website in one minute.  But you have to be in the Club to book it.

“There are no additional flight or fuel costs, just your credit card fee”

Elite members also get access to free seats in the Jumpjet system.  Each week we post our free seats and you can only access these as an exclusive member benefit.

Jumpjet offers no stress, no lines, no parking headaches and affordable flying by private jet. We are preparing for take-off with 15,000 customers registered and ready to fly.